Act By Sage 2011 Premium

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Sage ACT! Premium 2011 (MSRP $459.99)

What’s new in Sage ACT! 2011:

Automate key activities.
Sage ACT! Smart Tasks handle the things you need to get done every day. Think of it like a personal assistant that sends e-mails for you and puts activities on your calendar so your customers get the service they expect, with little work required by you. Smart Tasks just get it done.

Unlock a rich source of new leads. Add rocket fuel to your sales and marketing machine with Sage ACT! Business Info*. Sage ACT! Business Info pulls highly targeted prospect lists and business info from Hoover’s™ and puts it directly into Sage ACT!. It helps you fill in the gaps in your database and gives you access to more than 65 million companies and 85 million executives.

Eliminate double entry. Sage ACT! manages all the details of your business relationships and Microsoft® Outlook® manages emails, basic contact details, and meetings across your team. Now you can have the best of both worlds and share your Outlook and Sage ACT! contacts and calendar using two-way sync.

Also, get in-depth information about Sage ACT! E-marketing: With Sage ACT! E-marketing, you can do so much more than simply send emails and track open rates. It’s about knowing your customers. Capture leads with web forms on your website, nurture those prospects automatically with Drip Marketing plans, and quickly identify your hottest leads using a ranked call list that tells you which prospects are most interested—right from the contact record in Sage ACT!.





Sage ACT! makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of the people you do business with.

Like the millions of individuals in small businesses and sales teams who use Sage ACT!, you'll always be prepared with recent emails, meeting notes, task reminders, and social media profiles, because all of these details live in one place.

You can even use Sage ACT! like a sales and marketing assistant to get the right leads, send striking marketing campaigns, and track your overall performance.

The bottom line, Sage ACT! takes care of the administrative stuff so you can focus on building long-lasting, profitable business relationships.



Get organized with Sage ACT! so you can zoom in on the details of your customer relationships whenever you need to. When a customer calls unexpectedly, you're instantly prepared with the email they sent you last week, notes from your last phone call, and their Facebook profile to see what they've been up to—all at your fingertips.


Market Like a Pro

Attract new customers and get more from existing relationships using lead/business info1 and e-marketing services2 for Sage ACT!. Get the right leads list and then send striking marketing campaigns that you develop using a simple online editor. Quickly spot your hottest prospects right there in Sage ACT! by viewing the ranked call list that shows you who's most interested.


Capture prospects and manage them through an out-box-of-the-box Sage ACT! sales process or a process that you personalize to fit your business. Keep detailed progress notes and see the probability of close for each opportunity. This gives you total visibility and control of your sales pipeline so you can stay in contact with those opportunities most likely to close.


Let Sage ACT! handle the things you need to get done every day. Think of it like a personal assistant that sends emails for you and puts activities on your calendar so your customers get the service they expect. Watch as your personal productivity soars, without spending extra time in the office

Better coordinate your efforts when speaking to customers, because you and your team have access to all the same relationships details in Sage ACT!. Your team appears completely in sync to any customer they interact with, no matter who they talk to most often. And, you can lock down as many of the details as needed to keep sensitive customer information secure.


Act By Sage 2011 Premium
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