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Category Graphics & Design
Vendor Autodesk
Operating System Windows
Language English

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Product Information
Product Name AutoCAD LT for Win 2017
Version 2016
Manufacturer  AUTODESK
Manufacturer Part # 057I1-WW8695-T548
Product Type Single License
Shipping Method Digital delivery

The World's Leading 2D CAD Tool

Capture your 2D concepts with the connected design tools of Autodesk AutoCAD LT for Win 2017drafting software. Use powerful documentation tools to produce precise technical drawings that you can efficiently edit, repurpose, and share with confidence. Help ensure accurate dimensions and technical details that faithfully convey the specifics of your design. With the genuine DWG file format technology in AutoCAD LT for Win 2017, you can produce drawing files that are compatible with other AutoCAD-based software and utilize sharing options for smooth workflow integration with project stakeholders and colleagues. With a focus on drafting productivity, AutoCAD LT for Win 2017 is built for effective design documentation.

New Features

Design Feed
Social collaboration tools drive greater involvement with stakeholders
Live Maps
Connect your design to the real world around you through a coordinate system library that introduces live maps directly inside the AutoCAD canvas
File Tabs
File tabs in your 2D drafting software provides a fast and visual way to switch between open drawings or to create and open additional drawings.
Enhanced Intelligent Command Line
The command line interface now includes Autocorrect, Adaptive Suggestions, and Synonym Suggestions. Autocomplete now supports mid-string search.

Key Features

DocumentUse a complete set of 2D drafting and detailing tools to produce precise technical drawings-accurately and efficientlyDocument in 2DCreate simple or complex drawings from standard shapes such as lines, arcs, and circles. Modify existing geometry with commands such as stretch, copy, rotate, and scale. Add annotations-including text, dimensions, and tables-to help convey your ideas.Be More ProductiveAutoCAD LT for Win 2017 is designed with one goal in mind: increasing your productivity. Each release of AutoCAD LT for Win 2017 includes feature enhancements and additions that introduce new ways to promote drafting efficiency.CollaborateWork easily and effectively with clients and colleagues.Get Industry-leading Reliability and StabilityCreate drawings in the genuine DWG file format and have confidence in data integrity when sharing your work. Maximize productivity by reducing time lost tackling corrupted or incompatible data.Enjoy AutoCAD CompatibilityAutoCAD LT for Win 2017 is fully integrated with other Autodesk software products, making it easy for you to share data with others or expand your capabilities.Mobile AccessThe AutoCAD WS web and mobile application enables you to edit online, share and collaborate and stay connected to your designs through a web browser or from your mobile device.Incorporate External FilesReuse data and create richer documents by referencing external information from colleagues or clients-such as DWG files, JPG and TIF images, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and DWF and PDF underlays-in your drawings.Share Files ElectronicallyElectronically publish and distribute drawing sets in a single DWF or PDF file for fast, secure collaboration.OptimizeImprove efficiency by making AutoCAD LT for Win 2017 work the way you do with a variety of user interface optionsStandardize DrawingsSave time and standardize drawings by using blocks, adding dynamic properties to accommodate multiple sizes or views in a single block. Get quick access to frequently used content, such as blocks, hatches, and commands with tool palettes.Tailor Your EnvironmentQuickly find your way around the screen with tools to locate commands, view all open drawings, and navigate between different areas in an open drawing. Optimize your work environment by tailoring the location and appearance of commands to meet your needs and company standards.
System Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 10 (desktop OS)
Windows 8.1 with Update KB2919355
Windows 7 SP1CPU1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processorMemory2 GB (4 GB recommended)Display Resolution1360x768 (1600x1050 or higher recommended) with True Color
125% Desktop Scaling (120 DPI) or less recommendedDisplay CardWindows display adapter capable of 1360x768 with True Color capabilities and DirectX 9. DirectX 11 compliant card recommended.Disk SpaceInstallation 4.0 GBPointing DeviceMS-Mouse compliantDigitizerWINTAB supportBrowserWindows Internet Explorer 9.0 (or later).NET Framework.NET Framework Version 4.6ToolClips Media PlayerAdobe Flash Player v10 or upAdditional Requirements for Large Datasets64-bit Operating Systems are recommended if working with Large Datasets
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2017-Download
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