Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 (Download)

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010

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Must Have Office/Outlook 2010 Installed before you run this setup.

A seperate email with your Set up file, Serial and Activation instuctions will be sent within 20 minutes of purchase to activate your downloaded software!

  • A new user experience makes BCM very flexible and easy to use, and it offers effective visualization of your business data through charts and a customizable dashboard.
  • BCM also enhances the effectiveness of your sales management process. For example, the automatic lead scoring functionality will help you identify the most important leads and shrink the sales cycle.
  • Best of all, you can modify BCM to fit your business needs. Completely customize BCM forms using a new visual designer, create new record types, define custom relationships, and create custom reports.

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Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2010 (Download)
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  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
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