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Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2011 [MAC]

No time to customize? Choose from a variety of newready-made templates and instantly look more professional.

Save time and easily manage your business on a Mac. Organize your finances all in one place and save time by tracking the money going in and out of your business.

Easily Manage Your Business on a Mac

Save Time Completing Everyday Tasks
Save time completing everyday tasks like tracking and managing expenses, invoicing, and printing checks. Process your payroll right within QuickBooks using Intuit QuickBooks Payroll for Mac (additional fees apply). Save money and time by processing card transactions directly through QuickBooks for Mac with Intuit Merchant Service for QuickBooks for Mac (additional fees apply).

Stay Organized, Accurate and on Top of Your Business
From the Home Page to the Customer, Vendor, and Transaction Centers to the Company Snapshot, QuickBooks for Mac makes it easy to access what you need, when you need it. QuickBooks also lets you choose from over 100 standard reports to see where your business stands. And it supports both Web Connect and Direct Connect, making it easy to quickly import downloaded bank and credit card transactions from participating financial institutions into QuickBooks.

Customize QuickBooks to Meet Your Unique Needs
Personalize forms, like estimates, invoices, statements and more, by adding logos, images, and fonts with Layout Designer. Customize your toolbar to access key tasks in a single click.

Exclusively for Mac
Work on the platform you prefer and get the most out of your Mac--sync your contacts with Address Book back up files to your MobileMe account, and add reminders directly to iCal. Easily share your data with your accountant or other Windows-based users. QuickBooks 2011 for Mac requires Mac OS X v, 10.6.

Easy to Setup, Learn and Use
With Little Square, Guide Me, New Company Setup Assistant, and onscreen help.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Try QuickBooks for up to 60 days at no risk. If you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, please call Intuit customer service within 60 days of purchase to request a refund. To process your request, the agent will need the product license number located on the CD.

Key Features

Back up to MobileMe
Prevent painful data loss by backing up your QuickBooks file to MobileMe (requires MobileMe account sold separately). Choose one-time or ongoing automatic backup. You can restore it at any time.

Synchronize Contacts With Mac OS X Address Book
Never enter a phone number or address twice. Save typing time and errors by effortlessly synchronizing contact information between QuickBooks and your Mac Address Book, cell phone, PDA or other iSync-compatible applications. Activate QuickBooks Contact Sync, and selected contacts appear automatically in Address Book. Update a contact in Address Book...the changes automatically appear in QuickBooks. Leave the feature active to keep contact information, including email addresses, up-to-date at all times.

Add Reminders to iCal
QuickBooks integrates with iCal so you can be reminded to print invoices and checks or to pay bills in one consolidated calendar and never miss a bill payment. Simply check the box next to "Show in iCal" on any invoice and a reminder is added to your calendar. And if you later decide to change the payment terms on the invoice in QuickBooks, iCal is automatically updated with the new due date.

Share Data With Your Accountant or Other Windows-Based Users
Share your QuickBooks data with Windows-based users, such as your accountant. Send a Mac file to a Windows user (who can update it) and the Windows user can send it back. Just click the toolbar icon: "Backup to QuickBooks Windows". As QuickBooks creates the backup, it simultaneously creates a PDF file of simple instructions for opening and sending back the file. Send both files to your accountant or Windows user.

Become a More Confident QuickBooks for Mac User
Visit Little Square, a free, online magazine created especially for QuickBooks 2011 for Mac users to help answer your questions. The magazine includes videos and columns written by QuickBooks for Mac accountants, advanced users, and the QuickBooks for Mac product team. Internet access required.

Save Time When Tracking Your Finances

Easily Print Checks, Pay Bills & Track Expenses
Easily print checks, pay bills & track expenses. Aggregate all your checks to be paid and print them in one batch. QuickBooks will keep track of each check so you can keep tabs on where your money is going. Enter bills from vendors. Since QuickBooks organizes everything in one place, you'll be able to access all past payments & bills for each vendor with just a few clicks.

Track Sales, Sales Taxes & Customer Payments
Get rid of piles of paperwork. Easily enter customer payments. Since QuickBooks organizes everything in one place, you'll be able to access all past payments for each customer with just a few clicks.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards in QuickBooks
Receive payments from customers easily using integrated credit & debit card processing (additional fees apply).

Manage Payroll and Payroll Taxes; offer Direct Deposit (Sold Separately)
QuickBooks Payroll for Mac allows you to easily manage payroll online and export data into your QuickBooks software (additional fees apply).

E-mail Invoices, Estimates, Reports & Statements
Save time and work more efficiently when you e-mail forms to your customers and vendors.

Track Time, Expenses, and Miles
Make billing customers faster and easier when you track time and job costs. And use mileage tracking to stay on top of your job-related mileage for reimbursement at tax time.

Create Professional-Looking Invoices and Forms
Personalize forms, like estimates, invoices, and statements quickly and easily. Add logos, images, and fonts to templates and create your own custom forms. No time to customize? Choose from a variety of newready-made templates and instantly look more professional.

Get Insights so You Make Better Decisions

Organize Data All in One Place With Customer and Vendor Centers
Find what you need, when you need it with the Customer and Vendor Centers. These Centers consolidate key information onto a single screen. The next time a customer calls with a question about his account, simply go to the Customer Center to see his contact information and complete transaction history.

Get a Customized Overview of Your Business With the Company Snapshot
Customize the Company Snapshot to create a personalized overview of your business and see what's most important to you.

Purchase Multiple User Licenses and Allow Multiple Users to Work in QuickBooks at the Same Time
Multiple-user functionality enables more than one person to work on a company file at the same time, increasing collaboration and productivity. It ensures that all users are working on the most up-to-date data.

One-Click Business Reports
Get pre-designed, customizable business reports to gain insights into your business. See all available reports in one screen to easily choose the right one. Drill down with one click to see the detail behind the numbers. Export any report to Excel or Numbers--your QuickBooks formatting and formulas go with it.

Effortlessly Track Bills and Set Due-Date Reminders
QuickBooks helps you ensure you pay your bills on time. Record bills as they come and set a reminder to make sure you pay before the due date.

Track Inventory, Set Reorder Points, and Create Purchase Orders
Easily track your inventory to avoid overbuying and backorders. Indicate re-order points for each inventory good and turn on reminders to automatically let you know when its time to reorder.

Download Your Bank and Credit Transactions Into QuickBooks
Save time and avoid data entry errors. Instead of typing in your bank and credit card transactions, download them securely from over 3000 participating financial institutions and easily import them into QuickBooks

Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2011-MAC Download
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