Intuit Quicken 2016 Premier Windows-Download

Category Office & Business
Vendor Intuit
Operating System Windows
Language English
Media-less download file. You will receive a link and seril or activation instructions within 5-10 minutes of purchase via email from our server. You may save setup file to disk to maintain your own backup copy. 


  • Categorize Your Personal Spending
  • Track and Pay Bills in One Place
  • Manage Your Investments
  • Maximize Tax Deductions
  • Helps with Buy/Sell Decisions
  • Calculates Cost Basis and Capital Gains
  • Helps You Plan for Retirement
  • Phone Support
  • Windows Compatible


Quicken Premier 2016 from Intuit is a downloadable software program that helps manage your personal finance and investment portfolio. This Windows software program comes with tools so you can invest in your financial security. New in this 2016 version of Quicken Premier is the ability to link your personal accounts from banks, credit cards, and brokerages to this program. With this data, it automatically tracks and categorizes your expenses as well as alerts you to payment due dates. Without having to log into multiple accounts, you will know exactly where you stand with your bills and cash flow within a single window. You may also pay bills using Quicken Premier 2016. 

Quicken Premier analyzes your portfolio against market indexes to deliver a risk vs return outcome so you can take actions to improve your investments. It retrieves the latest info on your funds as well as the securities held within them. To help prepare for tax season, it tracks cost basis, estimates capital gains, and exports your data to your TurboTax software. There's also a free mobile app that syncs the data from your computer to your smartphone or tablet. In addition, this app can take snapshots of your receipts to track your purchases.

Quicken Premier 2016 Features
  • Easily manage your investments and meet your goals
  • View all your investments in one place to make better buy/sell decisions
  • Track cost basis and estimate capital gains to make tax time easier
  • Free phone support
Organize, Analyze, and Optimize Your Portfolio
  • Analyzes your portfolio so you'll know your risk vs. return and take actions to improve your portfolio
  • Reports not just on funds, but securities held within your funds
  • Instantly see multiple views of your portfolio, including asset allocations, geographic regions, sectors, and more
  • Download your income and expenses from your banks, brokerages, and financial institutions without entering them manually
Make Informed Buy and Sell Decisions
  • Compare your investment performance over time to market indexes
  • Find mutual funds that best fit your investment goals using Morningstar Ratings
Minimizes Taxes on Investments
  • Helps you get the maximum tax benefits
  • Tracks cost basis, estimates capital gains, and exports your data directly to TurboTax
Plan Your Future
  • Helps you reach your retirement goals
  • Know how much you can spend with forecasted balances
  • See when paychecks, bills, and more are scheduled
  • Tracks and categorizes your expenses
See, Track, and Pay Bills in One Place
  • Link your bills and Quicken will automatically track the due date and amount due
  • Know exactly where you stand with your bills and cash flow without having to log into multiple accounts
  • Easily pay your bills on time from right within Quicken
Tools to Help Meet Your Goals
  • Even easier to get started, upgrade (to Quicken Mac or Windows), or set up new features
  • See your day-to-day cash flow
  • Helps you create a custom plan to reduce debt
  • Makes tax time easy by importing your info to TurboTax
  • Get free credit monitoring alerts, credit score, and report summary
Money Decisions on the Go
  • Check account balances and get timely alerts with the free Quicken mobile app
  • Sync information between your computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Snap and store receipts to easily track important purchases

System Hardware and Software Requirements for Windows 
•Computer: 400 MHz XP, 1 GHz Vista 
•Operating System: XP/Vista/7
•Memory: 512 MB XP, 1 GB Vista 
•Hard Disk Space: 100 MB, plus 45 MB for Microsoft Internet Explorer if IE 6.0 or higher is not already installed (IE 6.0 included on enclosed CD-ROM) 
•Monitor: 1024x768 with 16-bit color 
•CD-ROM Drive: Double speed (4X or higher recommended for multimedia) 
•Internet Connection: 56 kbps modem or higher 
•Sound: Sound card and speakers recommended 
•Printer: Any printer supported by Windows XP/Vista


Intuit Quicken 2016 Premier Windows-Download
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  • Manufacturer: INTUIT
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