Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard w/5 User CALS-Download

Highlights & Details

  • Supports up to 5 mailbox databases
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
  • Productive inbox by fast search
  • Adapted to a new Outlook interface, even mobile
  • Working together on e-mails, appointments, etc.
  • No time restriction on the duration of use

Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard - Product description

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 standard provides flexible, clear, transparent, cost-effective communications in  your enterprise. All functions are designed to help you with your daily work and provide a high level of performance and reliability. The common storage and administration of e-mails, contacts and appointments is at the centre, but you can master other tasks with Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard.

Exchange 2016 Standard for professional e-mail management

E-mail communication in enterprises is the core of Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 standard. Whether you are running your own business or using it in the Microsoft Cloud, you benefit from more security and control over your organization. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard supports up to 5 mailbox databases, making it suitable for small to medium sized organizations. For large companies, the Enterprise Edition is recommended. Designed for productive collaboration in the team, Exchange 2016 Standard helps you and your colleagues with all the work they are doing and ensures improved results.

The benefits of Exchange Server 2016 Standard

  • More productivity through fast search and intelligent inbox
  • Simplified architecture combined with inbox and client access roles ensure easy scheduling and scalability of your deployments
  • Increased security through the prevention of data loss (DLP) and extended monitoring functions
  • Improved document collaboration by solving problems with version management of attachments
  • Flexible use of new Outlook interface and web apps on mobile devices

Outlook desktop applications, and Exchange 2016 Standard

To use Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard services on the desktop, you must have an e-mail desktop application, such as Microsoft Outlook. You can purchase this software either in an Office package or as a single Office program. You must be aware of this when purchasing Exchange Server 2016 Standard otherwise you will not have access to desktop functions.

Hardware requirements for Exchange 2016




  • x64 architecture-based computer with Intel processor that supports Intel 64 architecture (formerly known as Intel EM64T)

  • AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform

  • Intel Itanium IA64 processors not supported

For more information, see Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments.

See the "Operating system" section later in this topic for supported operating systems.


Varies depending on Exchange roles that are installed:

  • Mailbox   8GB minimum

  • Edge Transport   4GB minimum

For more information, see Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments.

Paging file size

The page file size minimum and maximum must be set to physical RAM plus 10MB, to a maximum size of 32,778MB (32GB) if you're using more than 32GB of RAM.


Disk space

  • At least 30 GB on the drive on which you install Exchange

  • An additional 500 MB of available disk space for each Unified Messaging (UM) language pack that you plan to install

  • 200 MB of available disk space on the system drive

  • A hard disk that stores the message queue database on with at least 500 MB of free space.

For more information, see Sizing Exchange 2016 Deployments.


DVD-ROM drive, local or network accessible


Screen resolution

1024 x 768 pixels or higher


File format

Disk partitions formatted as NTFS file systems, which applies to the following partitions:

  • System partition

  • Partitions that store Exchange binary files or files generated by Exchange diagnostic logging

  • Database files, such as mailbox and transport databases

Disk partitions containing only the following types of files can optionally be formatted as ReFS:

  • Partitions containing transaction log files

  • Partitions containing mailbox database files

  • Partitions containing content indexing files


Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Standard w/5 User CALS-Download
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