Team Viewer Premium 12


Team Viewer Premium 12

No monthly fees! Pay just once and you own the licens

You or your small team can use your 1 channel to connect from anywhere to an unlimited number of devices  (and up to 

400 managed devices).




TeamViewer 12 the most powerful, versatile remote support, remote access, and online collaboration tool available.


TeamViewer is designed to run on a broad spectrum of operating systems ranging from the state of the art, such as Windows 10, macOS Sierra, iOS 10, Android 7 Nougat, and Chrome OS, to older operating systems such as Windows XP and OS X 10.8.


The entire feature set specified here pertains to the Windows version. For the exact functionality of the other versions, refer to the respective test version for Mac / Linux / iOS / Android / Universal Windows Platform / BlackBerry.


Remote QuickSteps

Save yourself hundreds of clicks with one-click shortcuts for your most-used remote support actions.
(Premium and above)


Remote Control Tabs for macOS


Conveniently run multiple remote sessions on macOS in tabs with Sierra’s latest tab-view technology.
(Business and above)


Service Case Notifications

Take swift action on pop-up and email notifications. Delegate tasks faster, for more effective IT support.
(Business and above)


Remote Sticky Note

Leave a message behind for a more personal customer relationship.
(Business and above)

Improved QuickSupport Experience

Your customers and coworkers will enjoy a smoother, more efficient QuickSupport remote support experience on their Android devices.
(Premium and above)


Simplified Client Interface

Focus on the task at hand and enjoy working more intuitively with an overhauled, one-window interface.
(Business and above)


High-Framerate Connections

Edit videos or work seamlessly on other high-framerate tasks with remote session framerates of up to 60 fps.
(Business and above)


Intelligent Connections Setup

Connect with the best possible quality via automatic intelligent system adjustments, based on your network conditions and system hardware.
(Business and above)

Simply better – discover the TeamViewer 12 benefits

Less latency, improved compression, and blazing file transfers … our team has been hard at work behind the scenes to give you the best possible remote experience

Team Viewer Premium 12
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